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Product Description

Price:US $45.00

MegaMud ID-Number

To purchase MegaMud, you must have already installed the trial version. Upon installation of the trial version, a MegaMud ID-Number is assigned to you. Please be very precise when entering your Megamud-ID being careful not to confuse zero's, O's, one's and l's
To find out your ID-Number:
  • Load MegaMud
  • Select the help option
  • Select the about option
  • Select the register option

  • MegaMud ID Number:

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    Register Software

    Upon receipt of the amount of US $45.00, we will email you your activation code.

    Details of this purchase and your activation code will be sent to you via E-mail as well.

    Please make sure that your E-mail address is correct, otherwise your activation code will not reach you!

    If, for some reason, you lose your activation code, please contact us and we will give it to you again.

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