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Featured Selection: MajorMUD Maps

MajorMUD Maps Lost? Looking for that cool new area in MajorMUD? Pick up the maps and save hours of frustrating wandering! Includes all areas up through Module 7! From the scrolls of his journey comes the printed "Notebooks of Jiggs Longthorne, an Illustrated Atlas of his travels in the Realm of Legends". [ More Mud Products ]

MajorMUD MajorMUD
A text based fantasy adventure game for the WorldGroup/Major BBS platform, we have implemented it using a data-driven approach. You can expect rapid expansion in all areas of the game - Maps, Monsters, Weapons, Armour, Spells, and other items! [ More MUD Products ]

PC Games
Command & Conquer Generals Command & Conquer Generals
Set 20 years in the future, it's the story of the United States and China fighting against a rogue terrorist-like state...
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PC Games
Command & Conquer Renegade Command & Conquer - Renegade
For the first time, experience the Command & Conquer universe up-close and personal. Play as elite commando Havoc and battle the Brotherhood of Nod in this fast-paced 3D action game.
[ More PC Games ]

WorldGroup BBS: Worldgroup Addons
BBS: CrossWordz CrossWordz
In the tradition of Scrabble(TM), players score points by using an available pool of letter tiles to create words. Strategically placing words across certain squares will cause words to be worth more.
[ More Worldgroup Addons ]

BBS: Worldgroup Addons
BBS: The Rose The Rose - Council of Guardians
The Rose - Council of Guardians is a real time, text based, multiplayer game for your Galacticomm Bullentin Board System. Featuring over 3400 areas, 6 walks of life, 12 classes and many quests, it is the most exciting thing going. [ More Worldgroup Addons ]

Saturday, June 22, 2024

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