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Featured Selection: MegaMUD

MegaMUD From the author of MudWalk, a 32-bit MajorMud terminal for Win95/NT. Complete game play automation as well as enhanced manual-play aids. Fully configurable, exp. calculator, records player/monster details, in-built pathes, path recording, auto-deposit/withdraw/buy/sell/training, statistics, capture/scroll-back, remote control, command stack, keyboard macros, Telnet support and heaps more! [ More Mud Products ]

MajorMUD MajorMUD
A text based fantasy adventure game for the WorldGroup/Major BBS platform, we have implemented it using a data-driven approach. You can expect rapid expansion in all areas of the game - Maps, Monsters, Weapons, Armour, Spells, and other items! [ More MUD Products ]

PC Games
Command & Conquer Generals Command & Conquer Generals
Set 20 years in the future, it's the story of the United States and China fighting against a rogue terrorist-like state...
[ More PC Games ]

PC Games
Aliens vs. Predator 2
Play as Alien, Predator or Marine in this eagerly anticipated, action-packed sequel. The three interlocking storylines make for an unforgettable gaming experience as intense as the films! [ More PC Games ]

PC: Independent Games
PC Games: Foul Play Foul Play
Foul Play(tm)-Mystery at Awkward Manor is a non-violent, CD-ROM based murder mystery game for 1-6 players (ages 7 and up), set in a magnificent 14 room English mansion in the 1950's. [ More PC Games ]

BBS: Worldgroup Addons
BBS Worldgroup:Wheel Wheel of Fame
Similar to the popular Wheel of Fortune game show, players compete against each other to solve the puzzle first. Spin the wheel! [ More Worldgroup Addons ]

Friday, April 12, 2024

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