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Yuri's Revenge Box Shot

Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge!

Review By: J.R. Mayer

Picking up where the story left off, we find Yuri (the mind controlling Soviet), threatening the United States of a worldwide takeover using mind control devices he has been strategically and secretly locating all over the world. The U.S., with the help of Professor Albert Einstein, have some last resort options to pursue. FULL STORY

tropico review

Tropico: "Viva, El Presidente!!"

Review By: Eric Terry

PopTop Software has delivered exactly what players of Maxis� 'SimCity' have wanted since the series started an insight to the citizens� wants and needs. "Tropico" is a perfect blend between 'The Sims' and 'SimCity'. Sure it�s nice to have a bar graph indicating that more residential areas and less industrial zones are needed. Why stop there? FULL STORY

Max Payne: "Bringin' the Payne"

Review By: Eric Terry

Max Payne is a story-driven 3rd person action game aimed for a mature audience. Two camera modes show the grim present day New York City setting and the gunplay action from the best possible angles. The follow-up mode tails Max Payne, as he runs, his guns blazing and his long leather jacket flapping, through trash littered alleys and cockroach crawling hotel rooms. The cinematic camera provides "director's cut" pre-set views to dramatic scenes, be it in a deep-shadowed slum, or in an all sleek and sexy art deco skyscraper. FULL STORY

Madden 2002 NFL

Madden 2002 NFL: "Madden Madness"

Review By: Eric Terry

Complete with all 31 NFL teams and legendary teams of years past, Madden NFL 2002 delivers the unparalleled heart-felt emotion and hard-hitting action of the NFL. Taking you beyond broadcast, Madden NFL 2002 lets you play in Exhibition, Season, Playoff, Two-Minute Drill, and Tournament modes. Or play in Franchise mode, where you take complete control of the team in your quest for NFL glory. Madden NFL 2002 brings the real NFL to your fingertips. FULL STORY

Saturday, June 22, 2024

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