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Build your website into an online community! Worldgroup software includes capabilities for providing multi-user chat, threaded duscussion forums, E-mail, shared file libraries and more to your customers.

There are tons of addon modules for Worldgroup which allow you to customize your system and cater to your customers' needs, whether they are business or entertainment. Worldgroup software can be run on DOS, Windows '9x or Windows NT.

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These games listed are not stand-alone products. All WorldGroup Addons require the Worldgroup Server to function.

Rose Council of Guardians

The Rose: Council of Guardian
A real time, text based, multiplayer game for your Galacticomm BBS. Featuring over 3400 areas, 6 walks of life, 12 classes and many quests, it is the most exciting thing going. [ BUY NOW! ] [ More WorldGroup Addons ]


The most widely played board game of all time comes to the Worldgroup platform. Players go head to head in this client server, graphical port of the classic game of chess. [ BUY NOW! ] [ More WorldGroup Addons ]

WG: Othello

Also called Reversi, the classic game of Othello is an old favorite. Brought to life by graphic, players demonstrate their intellect and prowess online by taking over the game board. [ BUY NOW! ] [ More WorldGroup Addons ]

Although the following software has been designed to complement your MajorBBS or Worldgroup system, these products may be be played on your home PC as a stand-alone program as well.


LORD - Legend of the Red Dragon
Are you a magic user, a thief or a warrior? Be the first to defeat the legendary Red Dragon and impress all your friends. Live the legend, get LORD now!
[ BUY NOW! ] [ More Door Games ]

More Worldgroup Addons


"MajorMUD - Realm of Legends" is the most popular and heroic text-based fantasy adventure game on the Web. With the promise of battling dragons and thieves and setting out on dangerous quests, the game has become an addiction for thousands of players on the WorldGroup and Major BBS platforms around the world.

Purchase a copy for your system today!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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