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Gameport FAQ

Updated August 2, 2001

Q: Do you respect my privacy?
A: Absolutely. Read our complete Gameport privacy statement here.

Q: Do you charge shipping and handling for your products?
A: Many of our games include the shipping costs into the price of the product, while others add a small shipping fee to the price at the end of the order. We would prefer to have the shipping costs to be consistent for each product, however different suppliers provide us the information differently. Shipping costs that are not included in the product's price are added to the total price on the shopping cart page.

You might have a problem if....
A: 1. ...your area code doesn't match information in our script. Some area codes have changed since our shopping cart script was originally written. Please Send your request to process the order to [email protected] and it will quickly be processed manually. Your order will be fulfilled and registration codes will be sent out immediately.

Megamud FAQ

Updated March 5, 2001

This troubleshooting guide will help you solve problems you may be having with Megamud registration

A general statement about Megamud and your registration code:

When you install Megamud, the program will generate a Megamud ID code. This code is based on your system settings and is used in generating the registration code given to you when you register the software. If at any future time you have to reinstall Megamud, it will generate a new Megamud ID code (this only applies to full installs and not upgrades to future versions of the program). This new Megamud ID code will make your original registration code invalid. You will now have to obtain another activation code.

To obtain a replacement code please send an email to [email protected]. Please include the registered user name, original date of purchase, and the new Megamud ID code. You may be required to send additional information.

Q: The registration code you sent me does not work.
A: Please cut and paste both your name and the activation code from the email we sent you to the registration area of MegaMUD to ensure accuracy.

Q: I got my code now where do I put it?
A: Start the Megamud program. Click on the help menu and choose about. Click on the register button and enter your name and registration code.

Remember to cut and paste from your email to ensure accuracy

Q: I had to reformat my hard drive OR I got a new computer and had to reinstall Megamud and now my code doesn't work.
A: You will now have to obtain a new registration code. Please review the general statement about Megamud listed above. Send your name, BBS name, address at time of original purchase, Product, Product ID#, and date of purchase to [email protected]

Q: I'm having problems with MegaMUD. How do I get support?
A: Click on the help menu and choose 'help topics.' In the pop-up window, double-click on 'support,' and you'll find info on obtaining support. Also check out

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