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Yendorian Tales Book 1, Chapter 2
PublisherSW Games
PlatformWindows 98 CD-rom
Return to the magical land of Yendor!

With the orb of Zamora returned, you rest knowing that peace has returned to Yendor, or has it? A new threat has arisen near Port Hope. The mine has been invaded by powerful wizards that have a deeper purpose than just stealing ore! You must assemble a party of strong fighters and cunning magic users to defeat them and foil their unthinkable plan. Your journey doesn't end there. You will soon find yourself teleported to the mysterious lost isles of Yendor that, until recently, had been hidden by the mist. You will also discover that this new threat in the land has a familiar face. But will it be too late to stop this fiend?
  • Stunning 256 Color VGA Graphics
  • Soundtrack & Digital Sound Effects for Sound Blaster
  • First Person Perspective\ Simultaneous Overhead Map
  • Control a Party of up to 4 Characters
  • Fully Animated Lifelike Monsters
  • Easy to Use Keyboard\Mouse Interface
  • Higher Levels of New Magic Spells
  • All New, More In-Depth Characters to Interact with
  • Completely New and Larger World to Explore

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