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Foul Play
PlatformWindows 98 CD-Rom

Foul Play(tm)-Mystery at Awkward Manor is a non-violent, CD-ROM based murder mystery game for 1-6 players (ages 7 and up), set in a magnificent 14 room English mansion in the 1950's. Six guests have been invited to visit Sir John Stiffning for dinner this evening. He thinks they're friends, but he'll be murdered by one of them before dinner tonight.

  • Over 5,000 photos, 65 movies, and 2,000 sound bites.
  • Murder mystery environment includes 39 fully-interactive panoramas and over 2,000 possible clue locations
  • Over 4,000 possible solutions.

In this game, each player chooses to take the role of one of Sir John's guests. Each player then explores the mansion in turn, searching for clues, and racing against the other players until the mystery is solved. Game turn lengths may be either 1.5, 2.5 or 3.5 minutes each, which allows younger, less experienced players to have longer turns than parents or older players. Extensive help screens are also available within the game, containing information and hints on searching for clues, deductive reasoning, interviewing suspects, how to win, and more.

There are ten game levels available, with levels 1 - 3 containing built-in help and tutorials, and taking 15 - 20 minutes to solve. Level 10 games usually take an hour or more to solve.

With 4,700 possible solutions, every game you play is new and exciting!

THANKS! We have been pleased by the enormous response to Foul Play from math and science teachers wishing to teach deductive reasoning in a novel way! Thanks for your letters and your support; we love to hear from you! Send letters to [email protected]

The Suspects

From left to right, you see Mrs. Thatcham, Mrs. Drabble, Miss Sang Lo, Dr. Quandry, Major Gallop and Senator Bluster. Each of these suspects has a "colorful" past, including many adventures with Sir John. Unfortunately for them, their movements about the mansion tonight have left tell-tale clues behind... Clues which you can use to solve the mystery!

The Search

You've searched the mansion for a while, and now you're in the Library. There are over a hundred possible clue locations here... Let's see... The table, the mantle, the fireplace, the bookcase, the chair... Yes! Under that chair! Major Gallop's medal. It looks as if Major Gallop was here tonight! Virtual Tourism.

The Butler

Move through the Library door and out into The Hall and call the Butler to see what he knows. Hmm... There was no one in this room at 7:45. Maybe you should check upstairs...

The Interviews

In the Royal Bedroom you find Mrs. Thatcham. Ask her where she was at 7:45. Yes! As she walks away, she tells you that she was in the Ballroom at 7:45 AND she was with Major Gallop! So now you know he was upstairs...

The Weapon

Look around this room and see what else you can find. Nothing in the fireplace, on the bed, under that dresser, above the wardrobe... Yes! Above the wardrobe you find the Scissors! And they ARE the murder weapon! Check your notes (A good detective always keeps good notes!). Hmm... The time must have been... And, yes, the location could only have been... Okay! You've got it!

The Accusation

Time to make an accusation! The murder room was the Dining Room, the time of the murder was 7:40, the weapon was the Scissors and the murderer was... Major Gallop! Call the police and... Sergeant Plod arrives to take him away!

You've won!

Should you move on to a more challenging game? Of course! With over 4,700 possible solutions, and ten game levels, all your family and friends can play again and again!

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