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Yendorian Tales: The Tyrants of Thaine
PublisherSW Games
PlatformWindows 98 CD-rom
Wipe out tyranical rule in the lands of Yendor!

Although the appearance of the evil wizard Paltivar is imminent, there are more urgent matters at hand in Thaine. Guided by the "Society of Wizards", you will journey to this distant continent. There, in an attempt to restore the peace, you must face the evil monarchs who rule their kingdoms with an iron fist. You will find few allies in this land, for most of its subjects have fallen under the power of the ancient artifacts handed down for generations and now in the possession of their rulers. Perhaps this is the key to toppling the corrupt kingdoms and putting an end to the leadership of the tyrants of Thaine.
  • Food is now kept as a quantity like gold.
  • Magic spells only require one reagent.
  • Body armors have been combined into one piece.
  • All graphics have been improved.
  • All sound has been upgraded to a higher quality.
  • Atmospheric sound effects.
  • Larger and more extensive gaming world.
  • More monsters to battle, characters to interact with, areas to explore, including various new terrain.

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