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1 Chain Reaction
PlatformWindows 98 CD-rom
A fast action blocks game with many features!

Try to destroy the blocks that fall into your playing field. You can obstruct your opponent's game play by dropping blocks into his or her playing field. There are four types of blocks in 1 Chain Reaction. Rocket, Catherine Wheel, Volcano and Sparkler. Each time you manage to touch four or more of the same blocks in your playing field a firework of that type will be triggered and these blocks will disappear. Now any blocks above will be dropped, this could in turn cause another reaction. The number of these "Chain Reactions" determines the amount of bad blocks to be dropped on the opponents side. The blocks dropped on the opponents side are of a different type (Grey Exclamation). The only way to remove these are to cause a firework around them. You'll know when bad blocks are coming because you sides large green rocket will flash and a scream will be heard.

Product Description Category Price Purchase
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