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3D Terroid
PlatformWindows 98 CD-rom
The new classic Horizontal-Scrolling-Shot'em Up-Actiongame for PC!

You are alone! Your home planet has been destroyed by the people from XRIMA. Only YOU can free the Orbians (which has been taken to XRIMA from death and slavery).

Blast your way through space, orbit, planet surface and the megacity on XRIMA and free your people!!! 3D TERROID offers 9 levels filled with action, explosion and (of course) hundreds of different enemies, 2 bonuslevels with a 3D-flight through rings, mines and bonusitems and a training game wich guarantees endless gaming fun on your way to the top hiscore with an intelligent level generator.
  • 9 levels of oppontents to defeat...
  • Hundreds of different enemies to fight...
  • Challenging obstacle course type areas.
  • Two bonus levels inside!

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