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Home Stretch
PlatformWindows 98 CD-rom
A very realistic horse racing game!

Home Stretch is the most realistic and fun horse racing and wagering simulation available. Includes several betting options (Win, Place, Quinella, and Exacta) and allows multiple bets per race. Supports up to four human or computer players. Computer players place their own bets. There are several game options such as distance (6 furlongs or 1 mile), surface (dirt or turf), field (5-15 horses per race), and race type (Claiming, Maiden, Allowance and Stakes races).

The registered version includes 100 pre-made horses, allows you to add additional horses (up to 1,000), and to edit horses (name, color, and speed attributes). You'll love the included digitized sounds (real track sounds). Unlike the other horse racing simulations you may have seen, HOME STRETCH gives you real past performances for each horse in a race. This allows you to make informed betting decisions. The odds are based on past performances of the horses. When you place a bet, your bet is added to the betting pool and affects the overall odds.

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